French Bulldog Design

Frenchies FinalWM

These little guys are so cute… this design was inspired by a friend over on Instagram…. @FiveFabulousFrenchies! Aren’t they precious!? Their mom gave me permission to use them as my models for the new design. Wasn’t that generous?! I was having trouble picking what color to show this sweet, clownish little breed.  After seeing these charming dogs and their fabulous poses it became clear! What is better than a plethora of pretty, posing Frenchies??  Not a thing.

This design is available on notecards, linens, prints, marble coasters and pillows. For ordering information click here.


Swimming in the Fish Pond

Gracie in the pond

Poodle Club National Specialty Show


Are you a “poodle person”? My in-laws have always had standard poodles. They make wonderful farm dogs… who knew!

My friend Jane Hellman from will be set up at the Poodle Club of America’s 83rd National Specialty show in Salisbury, MD starting this weekend.

IMG_1214Jane has everything that you can imagine that is poodle related… including these lovely cards by yours truly. : ) She will have a nice assortment of my cards including the Topiary Poodle, Holiday poodles and Oodles of Poodles on the topiary couch. Stop in, see her and find your perfect poodle themed gifts.

Can’t make it to the show? You can order all of my poodle designs on various gifts right here!

Riding to the Hounds


A beautiful day for a ride at lunchtime! Queenie the Pony is a surefooted, sassy pony. Yesterday we rode to the hounds… Oliver and Gracie, that is. Good for the mind and even better for the soul.IMG_1736


There was significant water play and creek-crossing practice. Sorry for the tilt-a-world… it’s not easy trying to take pictures on the back of a fidgety pony.

IMG_1754Heading home.

Congratulations Jewel!


The 2013 National Dog Show Best in Show award winner was Jewel… and American Foxhound! How grand! I know  from experience what good dogs they are. When I was little occasionally we would have to bring one of the hounds home from the kennel for her to have her pups in our barn. You have never seen/heard anything so joyful as a litter of hound puppies bounding out of a stall for the first time! I’ll never forget it. : )

This is my little nod to the American Foxhound and its garden portrait from 2010. Here is the original post. Congrats Jewel and your owners/handlers. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day victory.


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I Think Gracie Dropped Her Keys…

IMG_1273 IMG_1275 IMG_1276




Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Design

Doesn’t every Cavalier King Charles need their own royal topiary throne in the garden complete with David Austin English Roses and Burberry Pillow? I think so! This design will soon be available in notecards, linen guest towels, prints and pillows online at Until then… give us a call toll free at 888.313.0239 to order.

What I see while I’m weeding…

Don’t you just love help in the garden?

Oil Sketch of Brady

One of the next dog breeds that I will be featuring in a garden setting will be the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This is Brady. Doesn’t he have a sweet little face? Stop back in to see the finished “Cavalier Garden Portrait”.

New Weimaraner Design


One of my customers from the Allentown Festival in Buffalo, NY sent me some photos of her beautiful dog Sophie. Isn’t she lovely. I have had a great time studying the history of the breed as well as the form of these graceful dogs. Their light colored eyes are so moving and expressive!

I thought a sleek Mies van der Rohe sofa would be a nice nod to the breed’s German origin. The flowers in the pot are actually a purplish form of the Cornflower- considered the flower of Germany… who knew!? I love the sleek lines of the dog and the simple lines of the furniture and pots. Sophie looks like a star. The angle of her head was not easy but I loved the position of the body so I decided to stick with it.

Shown below is a quick oil sketch that I did one evening while I was cooking. I’ve moved my easel into the kitchen recently. Call me crazy… but it seems to be working. : )


The Weimaraner design is now available online at Click here for more information.




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