Small Business Saturday 2019

A big thank you to all of my customers who have supported me and my small business over the years. You’ve helped support a dream, a family and so much more! You are truly appreciated!

These fun little guys are available on a new greeting card that you can see here.

The Holiday Mindfulness Collection is here!

I’m so excited to release these new designs. Celebrating the natural simplicity of the season was one of my primary goals in developing these designs. The happenstance of a topiary cairn Christmas tree surrounded by woodland animals is peaceful yet whimisical reminder of balance and beauty.

Images of labyrinths, mazes and stone cairns influenced my design decisions as well as just wanting to provide my customers with a mindful stylish alternative to the glossy consumerism assoicated with Holiday shopping.

The holidays can be a crazy stressful time of year. It’s important to slow down and become quiet inside – to no lose touch with that meaning of the season and our place within that.

Finally… a Doodle Design!
Doodle Garden Portrait

How many times have I been asked to do a Labradoodle design or a Goldendoodle design!? Sometimes when creating a watercolor image for The Posh Pet Digs Collection its hard to know how to represent a breed that has so many variations!

We know that people love their doodles… they want the design to look like their very own dogs! I have been going back and forth about coat length, size and color and decided on this big guy. Isn’t he a happy fellow!? I love the structural topiary hedges contrasted with his shaggy, happy-go-lucky demeanor.

For ordering information please click HERE. : )

Wordless Wednesday

Welcome Spring!

Fall Abundance

Goodies for Mom


Loved by moms everywhere… chickadees, flowers and topiary! How can you go wrong? Both of these designs are perfect for Mother’s Day! Each design has a corresponding Card, Soap, Lavender Sachet and Linen Guest Towel!

For both MOM Topiary or Lilac Bouquet ordering information click here.

The Wonders of Water Design

The Wonders of Water theme for the 2018 Philadelphia Flower show was a bit of a visual challenge for me in creating a design! How do you encapsulate such a broad theme with so many important qualities. Thankfully I learned that the main entrance garden would be based on a Rainforest and that is where I gained my inspiration including a waterfall, topical flowers and birds, butterflies, an explorer and WHAT? A mermaid? Don’t you just love artistic license?

The little merbunny was so sweet that she needed to be on center stage also. I love the serene quality of this simple design. For ordering information on either design, click HERE.

Snow day at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Once again we are getting bombarded with snow here in Philadelphia. This seems to happen every year lately. Hard to believe that Junebug and I have been minding the booth for 12 years! What a gift. It’s so lovely seeing old friends and making new ones. I have the BEST customers. I thought it would be fun to share some photos from the show for those of you who weren’t able to come or would like to know what it is about!

The main entrance garden was alive with color and sounds from the Rainforest. Orchids and tropical flowers took the main stage with bamboo structures and numerous sources of water- including ponds, waterfalls, fountains and rain barrels.

One of my favorite displays was a wooded garden setting for a wedding. It was just lovely and magical!!

Isn’t it just dreamy?? I think there could be gnomes and fairies hiding about. Stop by again tomorrow for highlights of other sections of the show! : )








Bernese Mtn. Dog Design


Did you know that these beautiful Swiss dogs were bred to accompany alpine herders and dairymen? The larger of the breed often pulled carts and wagons with milk or flowers. Don’t they look like jolly, happy souls? Can you spot the Edelweiss in the design? For ordering information click here.




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