Historic Cemetery Stroll

Last weekend LaLa, Junebug and I took a nice walk through the historic Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY. I thought you might enjoy some beautiful images of the fantastic fall foliage in Central New York and some Upstate history as well.

The cemetery was founded in 1838 and covers 196 beautifully landscaped hilly acres. It is one of the first rural/garden cemeteries in the US. Most weekends informative tours are held by the Friends of Mount Hope to educate the public on the importance of Mt. Hope and many of its famous residents including; Susan B. Anthony, Fredrick Douglass, John Bausch and Henry Lomb, Margaret Woodbury Strong and horticulture scientist George Ellwanger.

German Harvest Basket

For my gardening friends out there… you must have one of these baskets! I found mine at the Philadelphia Flower Show last spring and enjoyed using it all throughout the summer. I love it because you can rinse your veggies off out in the garden before bringing them in the house/kitchen. I was using a picnic basket before and all of the dirt came in with the veggies. Now, my veggies are dirt free, Baby. I also like the industrial look of this basket. Today it is in a chair in my kitchen in front of the french doors with green tomatoes ripening in the sunshine.

I cannot remember who I purchased this basket from at the show but they are available here. Enjoy and have a fabulous friday!

Halloween Dinner Menu

Sweet Balls of Fire

Guacamoldy with Blue Corn Chips

Bug Salad

Slivered Scream Beans

Chicken Bog

Candy Corn Gelatin

Every year Farmboy and I host a family get together on or near Halloween wherein the kids can show off their costumes to their cousins, aunt, uncles and grandparents. It’s alot of fun. The adults have been known to get into it as well. It’s great fun to start off a dinner party in hysterics as people come through the door. Last year I was a Queen Bee and Farmboy was a Beekeeper. Too funny. I can’t reveal my costume yet for this year. Can you? Do tell!

Happy Rainy Monday

It’s a rainy day here in Central New York. Plan on pouring some tea and heading up to the studio to work on a Bearded Collie design. Will post soon!

Have a day full of peace, joy and wonder! : )

Rockport Harvest Festival & Brad Byrd

While Farmboy and I were on our annual Anniversary (17yrs!) Trip through New England last weekend… we came across a great Indie band playing the Rockport Harvest Festival in Rockport, MA. Brad Byrd: check them out at here.

It was cold and blustery but a cup of joe and their music was a great way to take in the day! Enjoy and have a Fab Friday!

Autumn Under Glass

Terrier Topiary Pillow

This pillow went out the door last week as a housewarming gift. One of my earlier topiary designs- the Terrier, begging for attention, complete with a little bone on the pot!

The latest brush fringe that I ordered is extra long and I love it! My seamstress is divine and she does such a beautiful job. The pillow construction is the highest quality. Each pillow has an invisible zipper in the bottom allowing the insert to be taken out for cleaning. I print, sign and number each pillow.

This 18″ pillow style is available with all of your favorite topiary designs for $56. Click here for more information. Have a super day!

Maurice and Geraldine

Introducing… Maurice and Geraldine- my boxwood topiary ducks. Shown below is their before and after pictures. The before picture was taken in the spring of this past year.  The after photo was taken just last week after their late summer trim.

Maurice is a bit sparse in the head and neck due to a teensie bit of winter kill. He lost his head last year and it’s slowly growing back in. Topiary challenges my patience. One must wait and be hopeful, trusting in the plants’ ability to fill in and reach towards the sun. Thankfully I have so many other things vying for my attention that I can just walk away and leave the growing to him.

My family lived in Dallas, TX until I was 4 yrs old. I had a lovely babysitter named Joy and she had two gigantic white ducks in her backyard named… you’ll never guess- Maurice and Geraldine. This is my little homage to them.

Maurice and Geraldine have their own pond that the dogs, Oliver and Gracie, think is their personal water dish. I don’t mind. The rain continually keeps it full. Do you have a Maurice and Geraldine or a Rocco and Henrietta– a favorite pet or animal that needs a presence around your home? Any chance that you have a boxwood or yew that you’d like to experiment with? Why not add a little whimsy to your landscape?

Shown above is a photo of a Korean boxwood that I have been growing right outside the entrance to the studio. I keep asking myself “what does it want to be?”  Strangely I hear “a teapot” but I’m trying to ignore that since I’m really not a teapot kinda gal… not that I don’t like my tea, mind you. I haven’t decided. But I do know that I’m getting ready to sculpt it into something… so stay tuned. What does it say to you? What kind of topiary do you think it wants to be?

For more information on growing boxwood check out the American Boxwood Society.

Another Fabulous Find

I HAD to post about these boots. HAD to. Really. My pea green unlovely rubber farm boots sprung a leak last Spring. Curses. In CNY Spring and Fall are the mud season. Rubber boots are a necessity. I kid you not.

I have not thrown out my leaky boots but I did need a watertight alternative. Can you imagine my surprise when I received these kickin’ boots for my birthday from Farmboy and the kiddos. LOVE THEM. Because after all, cowboy boots NEVER go out of style. I can be having a bad hair day, don’t want to get out of bed day but put on some cowboy boots and put on a little attitude. Seriously.

Sometimes I need to wear a bit of attitude out to the garden. Something to remind me and the plants of who is in charge. Rubber gardening cowboy boots = in control. Fuzzy slippers and pajamas = not so much in charge. Wellies… politely in charge and plants will be deadheaded if they speak otherwise.

Are you in need of a boot pick me up… in the barn, in the garden, walking down the street? These little darlings will suit your fancy. And no, I have not been asked to do a review. I just like mine and thought you needed to know. They are available at Giddy Up!


Pumpkin Totem


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