Siamese in the Garden- New Artwork

This is one of my favorite new designs! It is available online in Notecards, Linen Guest Towels, Lavender Sachets and Limited Edition Pillows and Prints. The Michelle Masters watermark does not appear on any of the products. : )

New Cat Design

I love dogs as you might have noticed… but I have a secret. I’m a cat person too! This design is based on my sweet Helen. She is my little companion. Here is her story. The cat in this illustration is a Russian Blue-type breed of cat. I hope you like it! Isn’t her little wren friend cute!? The design will soon be available online in Notecards, Linen Guest Towels, Lavender Sachets, Limited Edition Pillows and Prints.

Helen’s Story

Little Helen Chapel is her FULL name… after the character on NBC’s Wings. She was found as a tiny kitten by my kind hearted sister-in-law on a cold, snowy night outside the Dome after an Syracuse University basketball game. Allergic to cats, she put the word out to find a home for this little sweetie. We had just adopted 2 stray kittens and I was concerned about bringing another one into the house- but I have a hard time saying no to furry sweetness and so does Farmboy. When I first saw her my reaction was “Oh my goodness, look at those mitts!” She’s polydactyl and as a kitten she was definitely “all paws”.

We took her to my girlfriend Sue Losito at Fairmont Animal Clinic and she was given a clean bill of health but had to take kitten formula for awhile since she was so tiny.

The other cats soon accepted her but she latched onto Oliver our black lab/golden mix with a strong and precious attachment. They have been pals ever since. Here is a photo essay that I did of those two! How can you NOT photograph that tenderness?

Helen is my little companion. She joins me in the garden.

She helps me with the paperwork.

She and Pongo keep my copier warm

and she loves to help me fold linen guest towels.

She’s a great climber with all of those claws and she practically has opposable thumbs.

When I am in the kitchen she is on the windowsill or the kitchen towel basket. Even now she is napping on the back of my chair as I type. We’ve had lots of animals and hope to care for lots more. Of our 3 house cats she is the kindest, sweetest and most shy. I adore her. So… that is her story.

A happy ending in a warm home with family, friends and lots of love.

Oooh La La… Paris Themed Cups

What a fabulous find! Could these cups be more perfect to pot a topiary in? As I have mentioned before, the theme for the 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show this year is “Springtime in Paris”. Little drawings of Paris landmarks surround the cup featuring a larger sketch of the Eiffel Tower!

I will have a limited number of these cups potted with angel vine topiaries for the show. If you will be attending and would like to pre-order please let me know. They will be $38.00. I think I have a total of 18 cups.  I will have other topiaries as well (rosemary, euonymus and hopefully myrtle)  but I am just crazy about the way these little sweeties turned out.

I am really liking the way things are coming together for the show. It’s fun to have a theme to work with. Now… back to work! Happy Fabulous Find Friday!  Michelle  : )

Recent Sketches

Take Courage… finished!

Take courage…

  • a.) you can do it!
  • b.) we’re right behind you!
  • c.) we believe in you!
  • d.) you are stronger than you think.

This design was created as an illustration for an Encouragement greeting card. The front will say “Take courage…” and I am considering the phrases above for the greeting on the inside of the card. I’m leaning towards a. or d. What do you think?

I love this little design. It will also be available as blank notecards and limited edition prints.

Believe it or not the inspiration for this design came from reading “The Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett! I was immersed in a story of castles, knights, monks and cathedrals. I especially liked all of the descriptions of the horses in the book;  war horses, coursers or a gentle palfrey.

A number of my customers have mentioned that they were sending a particular design or gift to a friend to cheer them up or encourage them through a difficult time. So, this design is meant to lift the spirits, bring a smile and encourage the recipient to mount up and get on with it (whatever IT may be)! Given these thoughts… which sentiment do you think works best?

Take Courage…

I’m supposed to be getting ready for the Philly Flower Show… making lots of inventory… but lately I’m inspired with many “must paint” illustrations. I’ve been mulling this little guy over for a while. The horse will be topiary (of course) and the bunny is holding a long carrot as a lance in his right arm. The reins will be a string of daisy flowers. The finished design will be on an Encouragement greeting card. The front will say “Take courage…” the inside will say “you can do it!” Simple and sweet. Now, the ears are so expressive on these little bunnies and I’ve been deliberating on whether they should be up or down. What do you think?

The Pace of Nature

A little Happie for Farmboy

I love the way this little guy came out so I HAD to share! The design was a fun surprise for my snow-loving, snowmobiling Hubby. It completely cracked him up. Is there a favorite design that you would like to see on a coffee mug? Let me know! I want to hear about it. We all need to start the morning off drinking our coffee/tea from something that makes us smile!

New products and designs are on the way!

My Business Corner of the Studio

I thought it would be fun to show some pictures of the Studio. This corner is where all of the paper work magic happens!  My drafting table for all of those little topiary paintings is situated a little further down on the right beneath the windows.  One day I’ll get that watercolor hung on the wall! I am thrilled with my office furniture from Ballard Designs. It’s wonderfully functional and sets a beautiful organized tone for the room.

I was aiming for a Belgian linen color on the walls… something neutral that would not influence the color of my paintings. My easel is set up in front of the windows that face south. I’m inspired by the landscape. This is a painting from the studio view. An old school desk sits in the middle of the room. I do all of my pillow fabric cutting on it as well as my larger watercolor paintings.

I’ll try to post some pictures of the rest of the space soon. Thanks for stopping by! : )


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