On the Nightstand…

What’s on your nightstand these days? I’ll tell if you will! Reading is one of my favorite pastimes but 2 to 3 pages is the most that I can handle after 10 pm; hence, it takes me forever to finish a book. Nevertheless these are the ones that I am working on or have recently finished.

Currently I am reading The Other Queen by the author of The Other Boylen Girl, Philippa Gregory. A fascinating book about Mary Queen of Scots and her time being shuffled around England by Queen Elizabeth. I think my favorite genre of books are historical fiction. I love learning about history!

I just recently finished two fun books that I purchased used on Amazon. Run Like a Mother and French Women Don’t Get Fat. After being asked to join a local group of women to run/train for a 5k at the beginning of summer, I have a new found like in my hate/hate relationship with running. I usually get winded jogging down to the mailbox (we have a long driveway… seriously). I have never run a mile in my life and I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I knew I needed to do something for my own health these days.

Whoa. Farmboy has been shocked to see me roll out of bed to be at the park to run at 7:30 am this summer. Really… it is shocking. I have been the one who drives by those people on the road running, listening to their iPods and I’m thinking… who in their right mind does that to themselves???!!! Little by little I have gone longer and longer and I see what a difference training for something can make. Ooops. Doing a little Happy Dance at the moment… If I can do it ANYONE can. I kid you not.

So my friend who has been running awhile has linked to these authors on Facebook. I finally bought the book. It was a quick read. Good info- some of it was way past me on the running journey ie. marathons and half marathons… WHHHHAAATTTT??? Dude, I just finished running 3 miles and feel like I could conquer the world. You mean people actually run 26 miles at one time. Ouch. Pffftttttpppppt. (My bubble bursting).

French Women Don’t Get Fat. Loved this book. Very practical, doable information. I personally love food, gardening, wine and eating food fresh from the garden with wine! What a lovely coincidence! I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes in the book- will let you know about those. Healthy eating, excercise with the absence of “dieting” is the way to go and with my new-found love/loathe relationship with running I’m feeling like that second glass of chardonnay is not going to show anywhere.

Recently Farmboy and I traveled up to Toronto for a mini-vacation and concert. Our hotel was… dreamy. To die for. The bomb. It basically ruined me for future travel. Sigh… Where was I? Toronto. Hotel. Ahhh yes. They had a library downstairs wherein I found this book. Brought it upstairs and thumbed through it while relaxing in the beautiful spa-like room with contemporary jazz pumping through the Bose stereo. Did I mention the shower? There was more glass than wall. You have to go there to find out. Hotel Le Germain. The book Labryinths and Mazes is beautiful. So artful and HEDGEY!  Love that. A great addition to my library!

Also picked up this cookbook by French chef Stephane Reynaud while in Toronto at the cutest little shop in Kensington Market. When I lack inspiration on what to cook I can just flip to the date in the cookbook and find a lovely seasonal meal!

So what have you been reading lately? What are some of your favorites? We can have our own little, mini mix-it-up bookclub!

Fabulous Friday Find: Molly Mutt

I found out about these beautiful dog bed duvet covers from my bloggy friend Lisa Porter and her pup Gracie. They are a stylish bunch over there at the LisaPorterCollection. I couldn’t wait to order one of these covers for Oliver who insists on coming up to the studio with me when I’m working. He loves to look out over his domain as you can tell.

My sweet dog is getting some grey in his muzzle and beginning to slow down a bit. He needed a soft, stylish spot for his sweet-self. I love the concept behind these duvet covers too… recycle, reuse!

Doesn’t he look comfy?

Sometimes he has to share with his little sister Gracie. I think she will get her own too.


Click here for more information on ordering your dog (or cat) duvet cover.

Happy Fabulous Find Friday!  : )

2nd Annual Summer Stationery Sale!

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Don’t see the design that you are looking for? Order something else and in the Special Instructions box tell us which design you would like it replaced with. We will verify the change and get it right out to you. New images will be uploaded throughout the day.

New Painting

A new watercolor that I’m working on for the Clothesline Festival in Rochester, NY.  Shown below is a detail of the horses. The background wash was still wet causing the sheen on the paper. I hope to finish the detail in the mane of the horse on the right and sign this little darling. : ) I’ll post a better photo of the finished piece!


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