Throwing Pots!

Some of this week’s pots… can you picture topiaries planted in them?

I am MUCH better at collecting ceramics than making them… but I did jump at the chance to do some throwing this winter when I found out that my sister-in-law was taking a class with one of her friends at Clayscapes in Syracuse. It has been at least 15 years since I’ve done any throwing and I am slowly (very slowly) getting up to speed.

I’m so happy that I found out about Clayscapes! There are rows of wheels, shelves for drying and kilns in the studio while the Gallery and store for materials is located next door within the same building. The classes are 10 weeks long. For more information here is their website.

The Flower Show is around the corner and I am always looking for nice containers to pot my topiaries in that are for sale in my booth. Although it is the busiest time of my business year and I’m trying to create a new product line I of course saw no reason to not make my own pots as well.  Am I as crazy as that sounds?  It is possible.  Remind me to start earlier next year.

I am no Guy Wolff or Goff Creek Pottery– check them out… amazing! It has been a great opportunity to play with clay again, visit with Kitty and Val and be in ceramic studio environment. So much talent!

Speaking of talent, our teacher Tim See makes it all look so easy. Check out this amazing video on YouTube. I’m in awe. I have learned so much in the few short classes that I’ve attended. It’s challenging to only be there one day a week but with the kids, farm, family and business… I can’t really even afford that but I know it’s important for my creativity.

Wednesday was a productive day!

So, stop by my booth if you are attending the Flower Show and see what made it through the fire. Maybe I’ll put some on my website later as well if my throwing isn’t terribly haphazard.

And, let me encourage you to DO something that you haven’t done in a while!! Do something that you’ve never done before but always WANTED to. It’s good for your soul and your spirit! Time is of the essence friends. : ) Enjoy some of the pieces for sale in the Clayscapes Gallery-

Peony String Lights!

These are so much fun! Especially for a little girl’s room. I found them last Christmas while shopping online for LaLa. I ordered them with her other goodies because I KNEW they were fabulous and that I would use them: a) on my mantel in the Spring, b) in LaLa’s room, or c) somehow in my booth or studio.

Well, guess where they wound up? Oh, they are so sweet and they cast the nicest light. Although they use LED bulbs the lights are hidden in the flower petals and create a soft, warm ambiance. It is her only nightlight these days and I must say that she looks like a little fairy princess sleeping in a shimmering flower garden surrounded by her kitties.


 Happy Fabulous Find Friday! For ordering information visit!

New Hawaiian-Themed Design

Finally! My newest design “Hawaiian Hedge” for the upcoming  2012 Philadelphia International Flower Show–  Hawaii: Islands of Aloha. It’s a lot of fun to create new images based on the theme of the show. Last year’s Paris Hedge was a hit and as you can see, the bunnies from Hedges & Hares are at it again this year! This design will be available on Notecards, Framed/Matted Prints, Linen Guest Towels, Lavender Sachets, Limited Edition Pillows and Coasters.

If you’ve never been to the Philadelphia Flower Show you really should put it on your bucket list! It is unlike any other flower show that you will ever see. I can’t wait to see the tropical paradise this year. Here are highlights from the 2010 show!


Surf’s up! : )

He Should Be Ashamed… But Clearly He’s Not ; )


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