Marble Coasters

Our marble coasters tiles are back and better than ever! The detail is amazing (although the photo above is slightly out of focus). A recent investment in a new printing process has brought beautiful results. We will have a limited selection of our most popular designs at the Flower Show.

The tiles (each signed by the artist and padded with cork bumpers) will be available at in mid-March. Until then give us a ring to order what you would like! Each coaster is $12 or a set of 4 for $40.

Which design would you like to see on the coasters? Let us know!

A Sneak Peak…

Finished pots and saucers! Yay! I can just imagine them planted with petite topiaries. Here are a few close ups- hand thrown and deliciously imperfect. Each stoneware pot is stamped with a swirly seal and encouragement to d r e a m. A cream glaze around the rim sets off each pot.

There are only 8 available for the Flower Show… assuming that the others come out of the kiln in one piece! Let me know if you want me to hold one for you. I’m thinking they will cost between $48 and $55 depending on the plant. Matching saucer included. : )

Oh, if there were only more hours in the day…


Happy Valentines Day!!

Dinner Club Mexican Menu

~ Appetizers ~
Crab Tostadas
Mango and Brie Quesadillas

~ Entree ~
Beef Hot Tamales with Red Chili Sauce

~ Sides ~
Creamy Coleslaw
Mexican Black Beans

~ Dessert ~
Citrus Parfait with Pineapple and Mango


Farmboy and I are hosting dinner club this weekend and I thought it would be fun to post the menu. Tonight we will undertake the making/assembly of the tamales! I’ve never made them before but we have a couple of extra sets of hands and I have promised sombreros to wear, Margaritas to sip on while listening to some Texas Tornados and Freddy Fender music. How can you go wrong!?

I wish you could smell the warm spice of the red chili sauce in cooking in the kitchen. So fragrant.

The first time Hubby had tamales was during a visit to Mississippi to see my grandmother and sister. The four of us drove over to Natchez (so beautiful when the azaleas are blooming), did some site seeing and had a tasty treat from Fat Mama’s.  You might not associate Missisippi and Mexican food… but tamales have quite a history in the Mississippi Delta. I remember large pots of them cooking next to the bonfire at our Outdoor Club get togethers in high school.

If you are in the area and wearing an apron… stop in and we will put you to work. Now, do tell- what is your favorite Mexican dish?



Lavender Nursery Door Hangers

Today we have been packaging these little goodies!

Lavender sachets door hangers make the sweetest add-on shower gifts. I wish you could smell them. Heavenly. Dreamy.

Each linen hemstitched sachet has an organza ribbon for hanging and is filled with aromatic french lavender buds. After numerous customer recommendations, lime-green and soft-yellow borders are now available for the yet-to-be-announced Special Delivery.

The door hangers also make a nice gift to give with the coordinating canvas wrapped birth announcement wall art. For ordering information click here.

Sweet Dreams, Little One… : )


A Trip to the Fabric Store

Picking out fabrics is much like painting to me. Combining colors, patterns, textures makes me feel all inspired and happy inside.

I have vowed to LaLa recently that this summer when she is out of school we are going to sew all kinds of things… aprons (a great starter project), hats and clothes for her bean kitties. Last year during winter break I taught her to use one of my old sewing machines that is fit with a handy speed control (no runaway needles can come after her fingers!).

She was meticulous. I thought she did a wonderful job. It brought back memories of my mother teaching me to sew when I was little. I wasn’t a Barbie fan so I made blankets for my model horses.  LaLa could hardly sleep with the excitement of having made pillows for her bean kitties. Too sweet.

Where was I?  Back to pillows… can you picture them? Can’t wait to cut and print the designs and get everything over to Birgitte to sew. Stop back and see the finished designs! I’ll be sure to post pics.


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