What I see while I’m weeding…

Don’t you just love help in the garden?

Oil Sketch of Brady

One of the next dog breeds that I will be featuring in a garden setting will be the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This is Brady. Doesn’t he have a sweet little face? Stop back in to see the finished “Cavalier Garden Portrait”.

New Weimaraner Design


One of my customers from the Allentown Festival in Buffalo, NY sent me some photos of her beautiful dog Sophie. Isn’t she lovely. I have had a great time studying the history of the breed as well as the form of these graceful dogs. Their light colored eyes are so moving and expressive!

I thought a sleek Mies van der Rohe sofa would be a nice nod to the breed’s German origin. The flowers in the pot are actually a purplish form of the Cornflower- considered the flower of Germany… who knew!? I love the sleek lines of the dog and the simple lines of the furniture and pots. Sophie looks like a star. The angle of her head was not easy but I loved the position of the body so I decided to stick with it.

Shown below is a quick oil sketch that I did one evening while I was cooking. I’ve moved my easel into the kitchen recently. Call me crazy… but it seems to be working. : )


The Weimaraner design is now available online at Click here for more information.



Irish Setter Designs

The Irish Setter designs will soon be available online at Until then please call 888.313.0239 for more information or to order.

Would You Let Her Back in the House?

New Scottie Holiday Design!

I think I have gotten Scottish Terriers out of my system… at least for a little while. They are so darling. This is my little Santa’s Helper- anxious to get going. The Greeting Cards will read on the inside: May all your holiday wishes come true.

Santa’s Helper will be available online in October on Linen Guest Towels and Holiday Cards.


New Scottie Artwork

Hope you like the new Scottie in the Garden design! I “may” have gone overboard with all the pattern and Scottish references and let me just say that painting Tartan plaid has its challenges! There are four graphic references to Scottish culture… can you name them? A free set of cards to the first person who does!

I love the compact shape of these little dogs and all of the sharp angles in their profile. While playing around with the design above and after posting the Wordless Wednesday post of Oliver yesterday titled Play Ball? I came up with this little design below. Simple, silly and sweet- its just the way I roll. ; )

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Play Ball?

Yellow Lab Design

Finally. Gracie, our adopted Yellow Lab. She has been on my to-paint list for the past year. One day I will write about that crazy dog but today I’ll just post her design and tell you that the image is titled “Good Dog” because any time that she is not digging something up, chewing up my boots, bouncing off the walls or chasing cats through the house she is a Good Dog. When she is laying quietly on this stylish topiary couch she is SUCH a Good Dog! ; ) Hope you likey!

This design is available online at in notecards, linen guest towels, lavender sachets, limited edition prints and pillows! Call 888.313.0239 with any questions.

Bearded Collie Design

This furry guy on a comfy topiary couch is based on one of my customers’ dogs named Monroe. Doesn’t he look ready for a picnic and more than ready to crawl over into your lap if you sat next to him?  Monroe is a Brown/Champagne colored Bearded Collie. This design will be available in both brown/champagne and the more common gray/white.

The Beared Collie design will soon be available online in the following products: Notecards, Linen Guest Towels, Linen Cocktail Napkins, Limited Edition Prints and Limited Edition Pillows. A sweet, unique gift for the Bearded Collie owner! Email with any questions.


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