A Trip to the Fabric Store

Picking out fabrics is much like painting to me. Combining colors, patterns, textures makes me feel all inspired and happy inside.

I have vowed to LaLa recently that this summer when she is out of school we are going to sew all kinds of things… aprons (a great starter project), hats and clothes for her bean kitties. Last year during winter break I taught her to use one of my old sewing machines that is fit with a handy speed control (no runaway needles can come after her fingers!).

She was meticulous. I thought she did a wonderful job. It brought back memories of my mother teaching me to sew when I was little. I wasn’t a Barbie fan so I made blankets for my model horses.  LaLa could hardly sleep with the excitement of having made pillows for her bean kitties. Too sweet.

Where was I?  Back to pillows… can you picture them? Can’t wait to cut and print the designs and get everything over to Birgitte to sew. Stop back and see the finished designs! I’ll be sure to post pics.

French Themed Pillows

I just received my final order of pillows for the Flower Show from my seamstress. They are darling! I’m so excited. Birgitta does such a beautiful job sewing. The quality is top notch. I’m thrilled that I get the opportunity to collaborate with another woman in my community and benefit from her talent. Each pillow has an invisible zipper in the bottom seam with a removable insert. Many designs this year have a contrasting fabric backing allowing the pillows to be reversible!

Here is a little sneak preview. Some of these I only have one of, others are multiples. If you have your heart set on one of them and you won’t be attending the show email me and I can do a special order for you.

Vintage Paris Opera House Photo on Belgian Linen w/black fringe (1)

The Paris Hedge design on cotton with fringe.

le Chanticleer design on cotton with Floral trim and gingham backing.

Fleur de Lis Topiary on cotton with gingham trim.

Fabric samples for trims and pillow backings.

Shipping today…


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