Small Business Saturday 2019

A big thank you to all of my customers who have supported me and my small business over the years. You’ve helped support a dream, a family and so much more! You are truly appreciated!

These fun little guys are available on a new greeting card that you can see here.

The Holiday Mindfulness Collection is here!

I’m so excited to release these new designs. Celebrating the natural simplicity of the season was one of my primary goals in developing these designs. The happenstance of a topiary cairn Christmas tree surrounded by woodland animals is peaceful yet whimisical reminder of balance and beauty.

Images of labyrinths, mazes and stone cairns influenced my design decisions as well as just wanting to provide my customers with a mindful stylish alternative to the glossy consumerism assoicated with Holiday shopping.

The holidays can be a crazy stressful time of year. It’s important to slow down and become quiet inside – to no lose touch with that meaning of the season and our place within that.

Finally… a Doodle Design!
Doodle Garden Portrait

How many times have I been asked to do a Labradoodle design or a Goldendoodle design!? Sometimes when creating a watercolor image for The Posh Pet Digs Collection its hard to know how to represent a breed that has so many variations!

We know that people love their doodles… they want the design to look like their very own dogs! I have been going back and forth about coat length, size and color and decided on this big guy. Isn’t he a happy fellow!? I love the structural topiary hedges contrasted with his shaggy, happy-go-lucky demeanor.

For ordering information please click HERE. : )

Happy 2018!

Wishing you and yours blessings, light and happiness in the upcoming year!


Oh Captain, My Captain

O Captain


ARTiculture! Philadelphia Flower Show 2014


What a theme to work with! Where do you start… where does it end? ARTiculture. The fusion of ART and HORTICULTURE. A fun concept to work with- but rather challenging to encompass.

My design went through many revisions. I wanted it to be fun, colorful, current, yet historical and relevant to Philadelphia and the Flower Show. There are numerous Art and Garden references. Can you find them? I’ll post the nods at the bottom.

Articulture Artwork

I love the little guy in the gallery of the garden who is viewing the flower series. A Surrealist exhibit is currently being featured at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and it seemed only fitting to add a melting clock to this fantasy garden full of sculpture, art and topiary. I had hoped to sneak a de Chirico train in the distance but there had to be some restraint… believe it or not!

Did you find the art references? Here is the list:

There are also historical garden references…

Every year we stay with friends in Kennett Square during set-up for the show. They live a half of a mile down the street from Longwood Gardens. For years I have driven by the gate on my way to work in Philly. This summer I finally had the opportunity to go! It was amazing. The topiary garden was more than I could stand! The conservatory, views, orchids- were completely overwhelming. I really couldn’t take it all in. A second visit is in order. : )

Come to the Philadelphia Flower Show! It is a blast and a welcome relief to the winter. I’ll be there in booth Z-1002. Stop in and say hi! For more information click here.






Happy Rainy Monday

It’s a rainy day here in Central New York. Plan on pouring some tea and heading up to the studio to work on a Bearded Collie design. Will post soon!

Have a day full of peace, joy and wonder! : )

Honest Scrap


Lisa, the lovely and talented garden blogger from Get in the Garden nominated me for an honest scrap award and I am, well… HONESTLY honored! You must check out her blog… lots of great gardening information and she’s super nice. The idea of the award is for me to reveal 10 truths about myself that people wouldn’t learn from reading my blog. I then choose seven other bloggers to pass the award on to. So, off I go…


1. My gardening/artistic entrepreneurial tendencies came early in life. My next door neighbor (you know who you are) and I used to sneak around the neighborhood and cut the blooms off of our neighbors flowers then put them in Easter baskets in our basement refrigerator for the night. The next day we would go door to door and try to sell them back to the neighbors. Can you imagine???!!!! My business practices have since improved, I promise!

2. When I was little living in Mississippi, I slipped on a pile of butter bean shells while chasing my sisters’ pony and broke my arm.

3. I was the self-professed Mud Pie Queen as a child which could easily explain my love of gardening and ceramics as an adult.

4. The only F that I ever made in school was in Art Class. I think my teacher had higher expectations for me than I had for myself.  She also threw a huge roll of tape at me once to get my attention. Loved her.

5. Had a close encounter of the God-kind when I was in high school and I’ve never been the same since.


6. I let my horse in the house a couple of times after school before my parents got home from work. I was curious to see what he thought of TV. I never got a definitive answer… yay or neigh. Get it…neigh? Sorry… can’t help it.  I’ve have never tried to bring one of the horses in this house but I have thought about it.

7. I was in the garden deadheading when I went into labor with my daughter. The mid-wife lied. Natural was awful.

8. I almost blew myself up once with dynamite. One day gonna blog about that one.

9. Hid behind shelving at a local drug store from my father-in-law while I was having my passport photo taken because I wasn’t ready to spill the irresponsible beans that hubby and I were leaving the country, the farm, the kids… to see a concert. To my surprise and delight the plane didn’t crash, the kids and animals survived… and they maybe even missed us a little.

10. For the most part, I am the Cat that Swallowed the Canary everyday. I am so thankful to be alive and that I get to do what I love and sing my song in this life.


I nominate the following bloggers and will continue to add to the list:

Benga at BengaQuickPhotography

Stacey at Stacey M Designs

Ester at MamaAfrika

Tricia at Luminosity

IrishFireside Holiday Giveaway


Many thanks to Corey and Liam at for including us in their 2009 Holiday Gift Guide! Congratulations to Raydra Hall who won a gift set of the Topiary Claddagh in this years’ giveaway. A set of notecards, a lavender sachet and a linen guest towel will be mailed to you this week!


Click on the link to view the Giveaway!

If you are planning a trip to Ireland or just enjoy Irish culture be sure to visit It is a fabulous resource of all things Irish!


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