French Bulldog Design

Frenchies FinalWM

These little guys are so cute… this design was inspired by a friend over on Instagram…. @FiveFabulousFrenchies! Aren’t they precious!? Their mom gave me permission to use them as my models for the new design. Wasn’t that generous?! I was having trouble picking what color to show this sweet, clownish little breed.  After seeing these charming dogs and their fabulous poses it became clear! What is better than a plethora of pretty, posing Frenchies??  Not a thing.

This design is available on notecards, linens, prints, marble coasters and pillows. For ordering information click here.


Riding to the Hounds


A beautiful day for a ride at lunchtime! Queenie the Pony is a surefooted, sassy pony. Yesterday we rode to the hounds… Oliver and Gracie, that is. Good for the mind and even better for the soul.IMG_1736


There was significant water play and creek-crossing practice. Sorry for the tilt-a-world… it’s not easy trying to take pictures on the back of a fidgety pony.

IMG_1754Heading home.

Would You Let Her Back in the House?

Fabulous Friday Find: Molly Mutt

I found out about these beautiful dog bed duvet covers from my bloggy friend Lisa Porter and her pup Gracie. They are a stylish bunch over there at the LisaPorterCollection. I couldn’t wait to order one of these covers for Oliver who insists on coming up to the studio with me when I’m working. He loves to look out over his domain as you can tell.

My sweet dog is getting some grey in his muzzle and beginning to slow down a bit. He needed a soft, stylish spot for his sweet-self. I love the concept behind these duvet covers too… recycle, reuse!

Doesn’t he look comfy?

Sometimes he has to share with his little sister Gracie. I think she will get her own too.


Click here for more information on ordering your dog (or cat) duvet cover.

Happy Fabulous Find Friday!  : )

Let’s go for a walk!

Did someone say “walk”?

Come on… let’s go! How can you resist this face? It’s been a long of week of getting settled after the Clothesline Festival in Rochester (highlights to come). I have slowly been unpacking my trailer and getting reorganized. I needed an energetic walk this morning with my bouncy dogs. So why not join me?

First, on our way out we have to stop at the barn to feed the Hungry Hippos, the barn kitties and sing a morning song to Ruby the Rabbit.

Now, on to our walk.

Down the trail.

Gracie scrambles to catch up to Olie.

The corn is starting to turn that lovely color of light yellow ochre.

The leaves are starting to turn!

Catching their breath.

My favorite tree on these 300 acres. An old Sugar Maple that lights up the landscape in the Fall.

The gorge with a Fall trickle of water from the fields.

Heading back.

Horses turned out.

Couldn’t resist photographing this lovely Pee Gee Hydrangea by the front steps.

Thanks for joining me! Come again!

: ) Michelle

New Design- Corgis Milo and Howard

Are these guys the cutest things you have ever seen?! What personality in those little faces and bodies. The lovely and talented landscape designer Deborah Silver from Detroit Garden Works contacted me regarding doing some custom work featuring her two little scamps. I went ga-ga over Deborah’s beautiful gardens, Italian pots and charming pups. I think my exact words were “Drool, drool”. Poetic, I know. Art is my gift, words… perhaps, are not.

If you are in the Detroit area you should stop by Detroit Garden Works and meet the celebrities, Milo and Howard. I hear they are quite a hit. Customers often visit the store with their dogs… don’t you just love that! I wish I lived closer. They would totally have to kick me out at closing time. Be sure to visit Deborah’s blog Dirt Simple filled with lots of info and garden eye candy. I loved the before and after Riverside landscape project and the Spring pots with pansies and lettuce. Great idea!

The Corgi design will be soon be available in notecards, limited edition prints, limited edition pillows, linen towels, lavender sachets and linen cocktail napkins. See pictures below for references of Deborah’s beautiful gardens and Corgis!

I got alittle crazy and put it all together! Couldn’t help it.

Gracie’s Garden Portrait

Sheltie-IllustrationMy newest Posh Pet Digs design: Cutting hedge portraiture of your favorite pets! This is a sweet Sheltie named Gracie. The rings and bars on the pillows are little graphic hints of Gracies’ fun with agility training. Her owner likes chickadees and goldfinches and, well, I just got carried away with the whole thing. Can you tell?

This design is available on notecards, linen guest towels, linen cocktail napkins, lavender sachets, limited edition pillows and limited edition prints at


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