French Themed Pillows

I just received my final order of pillows for the Flower Show from my seamstress. They are darling! I’m so excited. Birgitta does such a beautiful job sewing. The quality is top notch. I’m thrilled that I get the opportunity to collaborate with another woman in my community and benefit from her talent. Each pillow has an invisible zipper in the bottom seam with a removable insert. Many designs this year have a contrasting fabric backing allowing the pillows to be reversible!

Here is a little sneak preview. Some of these I only have one of, others are multiples. If you have your heart set on one of them and you won’t be attending the show email me and I can do a special order for you.

Vintage Paris Opera House Photo on Belgian Linen w/black fringe (1)

The Paris Hedge design on cotton with fringe.

le Chanticleer design on cotton with Floral trim and gingham backing.

Fleur de Lis Topiary on cotton with gingham trim.

Fabric samples for trims and pillow backings.

Supporting Friends of Topiary Park

We are pleased to announce that 15% of sales of any product featuring the Paris Hedge design (shown above) will be donated to Friends of Topiary Park in Columbus, OH during the week long Philadelphia International Flower Show. So stop by booth 535 at the show and support a historical jewel in the gardening community!

For more information on The Topiary Park go to their website and read on this blog about Michelle’s visit to the gardens last Fall with her family.

Oooh La La… Paris Themed Cups

What a fabulous find! Could these cups be more perfect to pot a topiary in? As I have mentioned before, the theme for the 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show this year is “Springtime in Paris”. Little drawings of Paris landmarks surround the cup featuring a larger sketch of the Eiffel Tower!

I will have a limited number of these cups potted with angel vine topiaries for the show. If you will be attending and would like to pre-order please let me know. They will be $38.00. I think I have a total of 18 cups.  I will have other topiaries as well (rosemary, euonymus and hopefully myrtle)  but I am just crazy about the way these little sweeties turned out.

I am really liking the way things are coming together for the show. It’s fun to have a theme to work with. Now… back to work! Happy Fabulous Find Friday!  Michelle  : )

La Contessa Jewelry

Oh, you will love this! I met Mary DeMarco designer and owner of La Contessa jewelry at the Philadelphia Flower Show a number of years ago. Botanical in theme and beautifully detailed, her work is right up my alley. Over the years I have purchased many goodies from her- for myself and as gifts for friends and family. Shown above are some of the pieces that I collected and wear often. Aren’t those rabbit earrings a trip!?

Hummingbirds, owls, squirrels, mermaids, butterflies, frogs, flowers and turtles are featured adorning her jewelry. One of the things that I find so lovely about Mary’s work is that the BACK of her pieces are also artfully detailed.

Two years ago I was looking for some salad servers and purchased a pair at La Contessa. I love them. They are pewter and each handle is sculpted with flowers and birds. The eyes of the large birds on the end have glistening stones. Every time I use them it makes me happy. Last year I picked up this matching coffee scoop. The inside of the scoop is a nest! Don’t you love that!? Delightful on a daily basis.

Pictured in the center above is a charming jewel studded butterfly and sunflower salt shaker. For more information on La Contessa visit their website. You will be so glad you did! Happy Fabulous Find Friday! : )

Fabulous Find Friday

Have you ever been driving at break neck speed and seen a glimpse of something that you immediately know has a purpose in your life, your business, your something? Let me set the stage… 3 nine year old boys in the backseat of the car after a birthday party. One mentions that he is feeling like he is going to throw up… yep. You know that feeling, right? The one that says… “Nooo, please don’t hurl in the car!” Oh shoot, and me without a proper hurl receptacle.*  After a quick stop beside the road, I was a bit anxious to get him home but I promise I was not REALLY traveling at break neck speed… just don’t throw up in the backseat speed.

Zoom. What was that? What was that funky little cart thingy I saw out the corner of my eye as we passed. Hmmm. I’ll have to remember that.

Fast forward a week later as LaLa and I are coming home from the grocery store. “LaLa do you feel like going on an adventure?”  “Sure!” She is always game. I saw something the other day, I can’t remember where… let’s go see if we can find it. “Great!” she says.

So we retrace our tracks and I had almost given up. It’s not there.  LaLa the optimist encourages me that we will find it. I come up with number in my head of what I could offer if it is still there. Last turn back to the village and there it is. Fab.

The owner and I strike up a deal and I am now the proud owner of this funky soon to be flower/display cart. A fabulous find, I must say.

Isn’t it cute? Of course, I’m thinking “French flower cart” to display my wares at the Philly Flower Show 2011 since the theme is Springtime in Paris.

Some toile fabric for the shelves…

I still have some work to do but it’s coming nicely. Can you picture the top stacked with pots and rosemary, myrtle, and angel vine topiaries? Maybe some handcrafted soaps on the bottom shelf, sachets or wine bags in the middle with linen towels hanging on the bar? What fun! Have you had any fabulous finds lately? Do tell!

*If you are ever in a pinch with car sick child and no appropriate receptacle… grab the nearest umbrella and open it slightly. It makes a large sized bowl. Don’t ask me how I know… I just do. : ) Have a fabulous friday!


Highlights from the 2010 Flower Show

Oh, it’s great to be home! Totally enjoyed my trip to Philadelphia for the Flower Show this year… lots of fun, friends, food and flowers! Did I say flowers? Oh, and there were flowers. Lots of them. Little ones, big ones, crazy ones, pink ones, fragrant ones and even one named “Snoopy”… who knew!? Next year’s theme for the show is “Springtime in Paris”. I’m already inspired. Put it on your calendar! I hope the following images provide motivation to attend next years’ show or just garden eye candy for those of us who have endured a hard winter! Please excuse the quality of some of the photos. I was reduced to using my iphone as a camera having left CNY in a flurry to avoid a snowstorm and managed to forget my good camera!

The theme for this years’ show was “Passport to the World”. Garden displays from India, Singapore, South Africa, Holland, Ireland and the US were featured. I think the India exhibit was my favorite. I loved all of the color and the openness of the design.

A giant hot air balloon depicting the globe greeted everyone as they entered the show. This photo was taken the night before the preview as the landscapers were in a shallow pond wearing waders while installing the most gorgeous and gigantic lily pads that I have ever seen.

The enormous giraffe in the South Africa exhibit was magical. The structure was made out of rebar and little glass vases with orchid blossoms were hanging throughout the sculpture. The photo was taken the night before the PHS preview.

The Ireland exhibit. Love the topiary Irish Harp and use of stone.

This “orchid tree” and the moss carpet at its base made up of various mosses and succulents was one of my favorite elements at the show. Gorgeous! Photo doesn’t do it justice.

These “icy” designs were for the the New Zealand exhibit if I rememeber correctly. It was very theatrical. This exhibit was Farmboy’s favorite due to his extreme love of all things cold and snowy. Crazy… I know!

Shown above are photos of the India display. The colors were so vibrant. The rose medallions surrounding the bubbling water features were very impressive. There were performances of a traditional Indian wedding under the canopy during the show.

There were a number of displays that featured “living walls”. Walls made completely of plants. The textures and colors were lush and I especially enjoyed this example. Sorry for the fuzziness of the photo!

The images above are of the Holland exhibit. Who doesn’t LOVE tulips, bicycles, daffodils and scented geranium topiary standards?! I want tulips growing in the tiles of my laundry room. How cool is that?

The two images above show the charming Beatles inspired garden created by volunteers to honor the retiring PHS president Jane G. Pepper.

I went gaga over this display… the colors, texture and lighting. It was featured inside a large shipping crate. A very interesting and “out of the box” exhibit. Anne and Mike from our dinner club came to the show and Anne suggested that I do something like this for our next dinner club! Ha! That’s a good one!

I always enjoy the fashion part of the flower show. The image above is an example of one of the combinations entered in the fashion and arrangement competition. The designers have to relate the garment and the flower arrangement to each other following a given theme. Fascinating.

Isn’t that the cutest?! Love the pussywillow umbrella and those lime green wellies with the purple anemones!

Flower lampshade anyone?

I sat in on a fascinating bee keeping lecture by Jim Bob the Beekeeper in the Gardener’s Studio.

I especially like the competition section of the show. It totally appeals to the plant geek in me. Shown below are some highlights from that part of the show.

A pretty succulent.

The Front Porch competition.

The orchids at the show are spectacular…

as well as the Bonsai.

Medium sized niche arrangement.

Ikebana Arrangement

Tiara made from plant materials! Can you believe that?

Another beautiful, sculptural tiara made from plants.

I always find the miniature rock gardens interesting. I’ve got to make one of those hypertufa containers and do one of these!

And last but not least… my latest little obsession. Terrariums. I purchased a few plants and a cloche and base at the show. Stay tuned for my first terrarium in many years!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! I’ll have a few more to post at a later time. If you were are the show… what was your favorite garden display? Do tell!

Topiaries at the Philadelphia Flower Show

There are many topiaries of note at the Philadelphia Flower Show. A number of them I have seen year after year here in competition. After seeing the myrtle entries it has inspired me to try myrtle as an indoor topiary specimen. I love the fine leaves and the tightness of form that it creates. Hope you enjoy seeing some of this years’ entries! Stop back by for highlights of the display gardens… coming soon.

Wordless Wednesday- Set up at the Flower Show


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